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As a leading online store, we make sure to give our clients the utmost attention and service they deserve. In this section, we’re proud to showcase a few testimonials from some of our valued clients.

Asia Jackson


In these troubling times, I appreciate the importance of having personal protection to ensure my safety on a daily basis. Now that I have Lifelite, I feel more at ease walking my dog, going for early morning jogs, staying home alone , and doing other things. I feel comfortable knowing how accessible my lifelite is because of the durability  and easy-to-use portable feature supplied by lifelite. I am a pleased customer and would recommend a Lifelite to my friends and family to ensure their safety while going about their daily activities.

Robbie White

Lifelite outperforms traditional mace sprays. I appreciate that it fits in your handbag and is portable. I also enjoy how it shoots in a straight line away from your body, preventing you from getting it on yourself. When I am in danger and need to detach from my offender, I like the attribute of its exceptional range and efficacy. Lifelite is fantastic in tense situations, and I strongly suggest it for self-defense.

Smiling Young Man
Senior Man

Riley Jones

Outstanding product and customer service. I chose Lifelite because the Lifelite crew was encouraging, supportive, and informative in helping me understand the need to have this product for my safety. The customer service was exceptional, and I highly suggest them to anybody. They were willing to respond and solve any questions or concerns I had. It's great to see that this company values their consumers.

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